Hikaku Sitatter – Height Comparison Chart

Was the last Comparing Height chart a little too simple for you?

I get it, this is pretty bare bones!

Nothing wrong with wanting a bit more detail, or wanting to compare more than a pair of people at a time.

How’s this for more detail!

Hikaku Sitatter might take a bit of practice (it’s a Japanese app, with English accessibility) but as you can see from the above image, this powerful little app can compare 10 different figures, including some common items, like a vending machine. You can plug in Male or Female, the desired heights, and pick colors to represent your characters for ease of viewing.

And in the (admittedly, near-zero) chance that certain actors ever see these blog entries – no hard feelings are intended! You were blocked poorly by your director/cameraman/storyboard folks, and it’s a bit hard to turn down an easy visual aid! ^_^

Keep Creating!






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