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  • Body Visualizer

    Unlike the Comparing Heights and Hikaku Sitatter which allow you to compare two, or more, body heights, this app was developed for you to give a basic visualization for a single body’s proportions. The other nifty thing this one does is it allows you to click and drag to rotate your stand-in figure, so if […]

  • Hikaku Sitatter – Height Comparison Chart

    Was the last Comparing Height chart a little too simple for you? Nothing wrong with wanting a bit more detail, or wanting to compare more than a pair of people at a time. Hikaku Sitatter might take a bit of practice (it’s a Japanese app, with English accessibility) but as you can see from the […]

  • Comparing Heights

    Ever have issues trying to make two folks who’re standing side-by-side look like they’re appropriate heights? Unless you’re lucky enough to have live models to work from, and can make yourself a flow chart- Or if you’re comparing only a handful of people As an artist, it might be tempting to use comparison shots like […]

  • Warm Ups

    Warm Up Exercises are essential! Through my years of taking classes, I’ve had plenty of teachers go over the importance of doing Warm Ups for getting the hand and eye ready to start doing Art, and while I agree that those will help get the mind and body into the zone faster, I’d like to […]

  • Fonts!

    Fonts, typeface, writing. Call it what you will, but it’s been one of those “bane of my existence” things for quite a while now. Luckily, technology has come a great way from the whole “carving letters inter physical surfaces” days! I’m going to be giving Calligraphr a try to start building up a font base […]