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  • Body Visualizer

    Unlike the Comparing Heights and Hikaku Sitatter which allow you to compare two, or more, body heights, this app was developed for you to give a basic visualization for a single body’s proportions. The other nifty thing this one does is it allows you to click and drag to rotate your stand-in figure, so if […]

  • Hikaku Sitatter – Height Comparison Chart

    Was the last Comparing Height chart a little too simple for you? Nothing wrong with wanting a bit more detail, or wanting to compare more than a pair of people at a time. Hikaku Sitatter might take a bit of practice (it’s a Japanese app, with English accessibility) but as you can see from the […]

  • Comparing Heights

    Ever have issues trying to make two folks who’re standing side-by-side look like they’re appropriate heights? Unless you’re lucky enough to have live models to work from, and can make yourself a flow chart- Or if you’re comparing only a handful of people As an artist, it might be tempting to use comparison shots like […]