Comparing Heights

Ever have issues trying to make two folks who’re standing side-by-side look like they’re appropriate heights?

I’m looking at you, Rock and Diesel. Your forced perspective won’t fool me!

Unless you’re lucky enough to have live models to work from, and can make yourself a flow chart-

and easily compare all of your character’s heights, like so.

Or if you’re comparing only a handful of people

A bit of a hop, skip, and jump here!

As an artist, it might be tempting to use comparison shots like the above (I know I have in a pinch!) but in reality, you’ve got no idea how tall the photographer is (which will change the angle/perspective) and even the type of lens will shift things around as well.

I highly recommend drawing your own height chart, or at the very least, make use of tools like this Comparing Height tool that will easily let you do a simple comparison, without excess distracting data.

Keep Creating!






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