2022 Challenge

Hello world (and all that jazz)!

Considering the timing, instead of saying Happy New Year, I suppose it’s more Happy Lunar New Year!

As I’m sure many of you know, the challenge of “New Years resolutions” are difficult in the extreme. Be it loosing weight, getting a better job, or those oh-so-inspirational “drawing a day” resolutions, setting a goal and keeping at it is… challenging.

At this point in my life, it’s hard to tell if the title Artist or Educator comes first in the “job title of my life” so I’m going to strive to be honest with my own challenges at keeping up with my aspirations for the new year; whether we’re going by the lunar calendar or not! 😉

“So Archer, what IS your New Year’s Resolution?” I can practically hear no one scream through time and space.

Whelp, you’re seeing it!

Yes, there’s the usual “I’m an artist and thus I want to do more art” – I’ve got an animation in progress, and a comic, and a children’s book, et al, ad nauseum – BUT the thing I’m not doing so well with is something I’m actually good at (documenting) and something I’m not so good at (sharing).

The documenting bit should be easy enough, just need to get in the habit of taking time to take progress photos, or film time lapse, or just write down what happened when. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I’d find following the progress of others to be intensely interesting and I certainly hope I’m not the only one!

The sharing… is a bit harder for me. As a youngling, public speaking was The Absolute Worst. Practice over the years has turned that into the easy bit. Get me in front of a couple dozen drunkards, I can teach them to paint. But get me online, and suddenly my fingers are stuck to the keys. Which, yes, feels silly. I’m old enough I’ve had time and practice at everything from IRC to Zoom, but there it is.

So, hello world. Let’s see if I can keep up with sharing stuff, my art and resources I find and make, and get over this silly bit of stage fright.

As one of my treasured mentors says, Keep Creating!






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