Coloring Pages!

I’m in process of populating a few things, like coloring pages, into a couple different web-shops.

Hmm, maybe I should add a shops page to this website? That might be useful!

So, what’s up with coloring pages? For some, they serve as a good stress relief – I’m all about that that these days!

(On that note, I think I’m going to set the Gumroad prices to “pay what you can” ish. Gumroad has fairly low fees, so the minimum requested amounts are set to basically cover those, plus a few pennies per coloring page within each book. If you can throw a few more bucks in the pot, that’d be amazing, but no worries if you can’t! The intent is to promote stress-relief, after all.)

Seeing as I’m trying to find alternative income sources, finding good alternatives, especially those that are “nearly automatic” for me, is even better.

On a later post I’ll do some explaining about the process for how I made them, compiled them, and my choices in webstores and the like.

Okay, enough sharing all the Gumroad fun! I should go off and make a Store page. Or maybe a Support the Artist page?

Alright. Time to embrace the whole “get something up, perfect it later” mentality.

Keep Creating!






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