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  • Pterodactyl


    When I get around to poking a bunch of scientists about stuff, I’m totally getting some detailed explanations of dino feathers. I’d love to experiment with making artificial versions of it to see how the protofeathers would react with light, move with skin, etc.

  • Tyrannosaurus rex

    Tyrannosaurus rex

    Much like my Spinosaurus, the data has moved forward since painting this. I’m proud of the fact that I’d studied enough T-Rex skulls over the years to look at the pores above the gum line and decided that the T-Rex probably had lips, so I should probably draw lips! If ever I needed a thing […]

  • Spinosaurus


    (Yeah, I know, it’s out of date. We now know that the Spinosaurus’ tail was a good deal more interesting! That’s the fun of science, though. We’re always learning more! At some point I’d love to have a spare archeologist in my back pocket to get the latest and greatest. If ya know anyone who’s […]

  • Tanuki Samurai

    Tanuki Samurai